Short news to NCP members / Urgency w.r.t. the application for the position of a university assistant

Dear NCP members,

Today, in very short, two news, potentially of interest for you and explained in more detail in the attachments:

1) Call for application for a 1 year’€™s employment as a (young) scientific assistant at an Austrian University near to Vienna.
The ’€œDanube University’€ at Krems, near to Vienna, is looking for a scientific assistant as specified in attachment 1. I have been a permanent guest professor since 1998 at the related searching department of this university (see attachment 2) and I can recommend it as an excellent jumpboard for a scientific career for a graduate in domains of interest to our community. Deadline for application is June 15th, start date, if selected, would be immediately after June. Please inform candidates coming to your mind.

2) Invitation by the ’€œCommittee of the Future’€ of the Finish Parliament.
As many of you remember, the very first national Round Table Report of the NCP has been produced for Finland on invitation of both the Committee of the Future of the Finish Parliament and the Office of the Prime Minister of Finland (at that time Matti Vanhanen).
Our liaison person of the Committee at that time, Paula Tiihonen, has sent me a special invitation to the members of The New Club of Paris in the name of the Committee, to attend the conference constituted by the European Parliamentary Technology Assessment (EPTA) council meeting ’€“ see attachment 3 and 4 . Please consider to join this relevant event. (Cost of participation has to be carried by each participant of his/her own).

Kind regards ’€“ and see most of you in Paris very soon.
Guenter Koch
NCP General Secretary