Leonardo Award

The Leonardo Award honours organizations and individuals who, in the era of globalisation, devote their zeal and professional energy to the search for innovative solutions to the daunting challenges in the field of learning, be it in a company, an organization or society.

They have all initiated projects with exemplary character. In these projects the focus lies on the interplay between knowledge and learning in companies and society, as well as the importance for the lifestyle of individuals and the success of businesses. The prize was awarded for the first time in 2010 to Professor Jacques Delors. Since 2012, the international Leonardo jury has presented the award in three categories: ‘Thought Leadership’, ‘Company Transformation’ and ‘Crossing Borders’. The overlaps between the categories are intentional, as multidimensionality, in the sense of the namesake Leonardo da Vinci, is understood as part of the holistic consideration of education.

The Leonardo Advisory Board, an independent jury of 12 Leonardo ambassadors, nominates the respective Leonardo-award winners. This international committee with representatives from 10 countries represent the idea of the Leonardo Award in an optimal manner.