The New Club of Paris has local emerging communities worldwide in different countries, which are represented by so called ambassadors, who act due to local needs and preferences.


Active representatives of the Club in different countries:

  • Susan Alexander, Luxembourg
  • Marcos Cavalcanti, Brasil (the „Portuguese America“)
  • Pirjo Ståhle, Finland
  • David O’Donnell, Irland
  • Ulf Petrusson, Sweden
  • Cathy Garner, UK
  • José María Viedma, Spain
  • Prof. Hanado, Japan
  • Giovanni Schiuma, Italy
  • Ante Pulic / Karmen Pulic, Croatia
  • Hank Kune, NL
  • Stig Ehnbom, NZ and – preliminary (?) – for Australia
  • Günter Koch, Austria and, preliminary (?) , for neighbouring Central European States until Ambassadors for these countries are nominated.
  • F. Javier Carrillo, Spanish speaking Americas and in specific Mexico
  • Michael Stankowsky, US
  • Günther Szogs, Germany
  • Stefan Güldenberg, Liechtenstein and Switzerland