NIC Valuation

Over the past decade, a new economic landscape has been emerging, based on intangible capital and an evolution toward knowledge. Intellectual capital is attracting the attention of governance in the public and private sectors. National Intellectual Capital (NIC) is a unique method – including diverse indicators to map and navigate the position, trajectory directions, and speed of renewal of countries.

With the data provided by the valuation, you can see how national intellectual capital affects the GDP and economic growth of nations. Top performing countries on NIC over recent decades include the United States of America, the Nordic countries as well as Singapore and Switzerland.

National Intangible Capital consists of four basic dimensions with 48 statistical indicators: 1) Human Capital (skills and education), 2) Market Capital (business attractiveness), 3) Process Capital (societal functionality), and 4) Renewal Capital (knowledge creation and innovation). Through dynamic mutual interaction, these intangible capital factors affect economic growth.