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New theory of state and democracy

Emese Ugrin – Csaba Varga
Published by: Institute for Strategic Research
Translated by: Anna Born
Responsible Editor: Eva, V. Csorba
Printing house: Danube Palece Publisher, 2008

© Emese Ugrin, Csaba Varga
ISBN: 978-963-87857-01

This volume leans on the Hungarian and more broadely speaking, on European experiences, although the crisis of the state and democracy model is not exclusively a Hungarian, nor a European phenomenon. We wouldn’t be exaggerating even if we modestly claimed that the political-social crossroads have become global. The sociological backround of the book is based on the social crises of Hungary, Central-Europe and the totality of the European continent. For theory creation, however, this regional observation exceptionally constitutes a point of advantage. For instance, in Hungary or in the Central European states that have implemented political regime change, the uselessness of the Euro-atlantic democracy model is more clearly and sharply visible than in the Western European classical democracies and states.

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