TEDx Event speech in India – by Prof. Leif Edvinsson

Professor Leif Edvinsson’s online presentation at TEDx Vellammal (Chennai, India) on 6th February 2011.

NCP at ICT2010 Brussels, Leif Edvinsson’s speech

At ICT 2O1O in Brussels, Professor Leif Edvinsson, President of NCP expounds on the importance of societal innovation in order to drive societal change. He also shares his thoughts on the role of Relational Capital in the coming period, and how it could emerge as the most important future currency.

 NCP interviews Prof. Leif Edvinsson

The New Club of Paris interviews Professor Leif Edvinsson about the club’s main objectives, current position, policy agenda and key plans. In the end Prof. Edvinsson talks briefly about his book ‘Corporate Longitude’ and the insights  in the book for leaders interested in Intellectual Capital (IC).

Biography of Professor Leif Edvinsson

Professor Leif Edvinsson is the world’s leading expert on Intellectual Capital (IC). He has been Vice President of Skandia in Stockholm, Sweden, and the world’s first Corporate Director of Intellectual Capital there. He has been the world´s first Professor of Intellectual Capital at Lund University, Sweden, since 2000.

In light of his work in both training and IC, Professor Edvinsson has been a special advisor on service trade to the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is also special advisor to the United Nations International Trade Centre.

In January 1998, Professor Edvinsson won the prestigious ‘Brain of the year’ award, in competition with people like Bill Gates. Professor Edvinsson follows in the footsteps of illustrious winners such as Gary Kasparov (World Chess Champion), Professor. Stephen Hawking, and British Poet Laureate Ted Hughes. In 2000, he was also listed in the Top 20 ‘Most Admired Knowledge Leaders’ in the world.

 NCP interviews Prof. Ahmed Bounfour

Professor Ahmed Bounfour is the founder and titular head of the European Chair on Intellectual Capital Management University, Paris Sud. He is the Vice President and one of the three initiators of the New Club of Paris.

Professor Ahmed had published several books and papers on intellectual capital. His most notable books are

  1. Organisational Capital Modelling, Mearsuing, Contextualising’, published by Routledge London
  2. Intellectual Capital for Communities’, published by Elsevier Butterworth Heinemann, Burlington, MA.

He regularly gives speeches on the subject of iInnovation and intellectual capital, and he works with international institutions such as the World bank, OECD, The European Commission.

The New Club of Paris interviews Professor Ahmed Bounfour on the present position, policy and plans of the club.

The New Club of Paris interviews Professor Ahmed Bounfour on present position, policy and plans of the club.

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