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How The New Club of Paris came into existence

Starting in early 1998, the then so called Austrian Research Centers (ARC, today: Austrian Institute of Technology, AIT) under its director Guenter Koch and with the academic assistance and support of Prof. Ursula Schneider from the University of Graz, developed a method and model for Intellectual Capital Reporting. The founding idea was to represent the performance and the doing of the ARC research organisation such that its political owner, the Government of the Republic of Austria, would have a tool at its hand to analyze and to follow the development and performance results of the publicly funded ARC. ARC not only developed such method and introduced it for its own purposes, the Austrian Government became so much convinced about this IC reporting approach, that it was also introduced for the Austrian universities, obliging them by law to annually deliver such IC report, as well as the Federal Austrian Court of Audit assimilated it for its own purposes and integrated it in its audit tool box.

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Myanmar Developing a Knowledge Society from Scratch

The Worldbank Knowledge Economy Index ranks Myanmar as second lowest among 157 countries across all key variables relating to ICT, innovation, education as well as economic incentive and institutional regime; Transparency International’€™s 2013 Corruption Perception Index lists Myanmar in the bottom group of countries, and the most recent Internet World Statisticsreport (2012) shows that internet penetration is around 1%, although with the entry of two international telecom operators,Telenor and Ooredoo,rolling out voice and data services nationwide starting this month, these figures are expected to move up fast. The growth of internet access in Myanmar will predominantly be mobile internet access. 7% of the population use mobile phones; the lowest cost for an Android smartphone (with Myanmar font) is 60-70 USD and a SIM card with data services cost between 5 and 130 USD, depending on the channel through which one gets access to a SIM. Huawei’€™s smartphones are the market leader at the moment, followed by Samsung.

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NCP 2013 Annual Summary

Dear Friend and Member of New Club of Paris,

Thank you for your great contributions creative initiatives and energizing commitments during 2013. Attached is a pdf with some highlights and photos. (NCP 2013 Annual Summary.PDF)

Now we look forward to another year of NCP progress.
Happy 2014
Leif Edvinsson
Chairman and Co-Founder of New Club of Paris