General Assembly of the NCP (2012)

Dear members of The New Club of Paris,

As already announced on April 22nd , the 2012 General Assembly of the NCP will take place on May 30th from late afternoon until the evening.

Different from the last announcement, the Club will NOT have its General Assembly meeting in Musee Rodin, rather than at
Les Salons de la Maison des Arts et Metiers / Club d’€™Iéna
9 bis, Avenue d’€™Iéna
75116 PARIS (16th Arrondissement)

This location is near to the conference facility of World Bank Institute, where IC 8 will take place on May 31st ad June 1st.

Different from the past years, we will have a ’€œsplitted’€ Assembly. I.e. we will have a two-hour workshop which is informal but related to General Assembly topics, thus after this workshop the formal GA will follow, fulfilling the statuary procedures.

The schedule will be
17:00 = 5.00 p.m. Start of informal part of the GA in terms of informal presentations
19:15 = 7:15 p.m. Start of the formal, i.e. official General Assembly with voting on decisions.
20:30 = 8:30 p.m. Start of dinner (at same location)

The detailed agenda for both parts are attached. The formal Assembly needs to fulfill prescribed statuary conditions, whereas the informal part preceding the formal GA is open for inputs to be discussed and explained.

So, please, return your answers regarding this mail to both Mrs. Lao – – and to me, indicating if’€¦
a) you will take part in the GA (1) in both parts or (2) only in the official part
b) in case of attending the informal part: if, in addition to the agenda prepared, you would like to contribute and, if yes, on which subject.
c) you will take part in the subsequent dinner from 20:30 (8:30p.m.) at the same location. This information is also important for our planning.

Kind regards
Guenter Koch

Agenda of informal workshop preceding the GA
Agenda of the official General Assembly (in sequel of the invitation already sent out on April 22nd, 2012)
A picture ref. NCP (for fun)
NCP leaflet 2012