The Annual Conference – IC8

Dear NCP members,

The main reason of this newsletter is to inform you on the coming venue of the annual conference ’€œIntellectual Capital for Nations, Regions and Cities’€- in short: IC 8, which, like every year, will take place in the premises of the World Bank Institute in Paris, 66 Avenue d’€™Iéna, 16th Arrondissement (16th Paris District, postal code 75116 PARIS).

The date of this conference is May 31st to June 1st. A draft program of the IC8 is attached and can be found via URL

As every year, the conference will be preceded by the PhD seminar organised and chaired by Ahmed Bounfour, Université Paris Sud, as well as the General Assembly of The New Club of Paris on the day before, i.e. May 30th .

The Board of NCP has decided to spend a workshop session starting at 17:00 (5 p.m.) , before the formal General Assembly starting at 19:00 (7 p.m.). Before this workshop, the PhD Seminar, organized by Ahmed Bounfour will take place throughout the whole day, as planned by today in Paris city, in order to manage short sequences and short distances between the events.

As for today, the arrangements are that the workshop and the General Assembly of the NCP will take place on May 30th, at Musee Rodin, 79 rue de Varenne ’€“ see — Metro station Varenne).

For your travel logistics, you may take your decisions based on which event you will participate in for May 30th. Nonetheless, you should manage to be latest with the General Assembly (GA) at 19:00 (7p.m.).
The GA will be followed by a dinner at the same / nearby location.
A few key topics on the upcoming General Assembly will be
– Work & research program
– Projects underway or planned
– ’€œProducts’€ of affiliated ’€œproducts’€: definition, management, promotion
• IC x conference
• PhD seminar
• Round tables
• IC comparisons between cities & regions
• Leonardo Award
• Tenerife ’€œMultiversity’€
• Own topic-centered conferences
– Structural reforms
– Membership: New members, integration of young members, membership fees, ’€¦
– Budget and budget control
– Governance rules
– Election of Board members
– Miscellaneous, items introduced by members

If you miss an issue, please, be so kind to send your input NOW for its integration into the agenda.

In the course of the workshop preceding the coming GA, we will receive various presentations on what had happened since the last GA, such as: the ACSI 2011 (see or on Facebook ), the Serbian Round Table ( ), the Paris conference on initiating the French-German ’€œSummit’€ Round Table ( ), the Leonardo Award project ( ), participations in major events or conferences, in specific the NCP Conference in Vienna on ’€œKnowledge Economy’€ ( -> 29. Februar 2012 – Konferenz ‘֖konomie für die Zukunft’ ) and the Tenerife workshop (see the attachment presenting a mindmap protocol of this meeting prepared by Sylvain Cottong) as well as the subsequent NCP seminars on Tenerife (see related attachment with all URLs of public reports of these events) and, finally, the then very recent workshop held with PwC in Paris.

The final formal agenda of the GA and all potential new final organizational data will be sent out until the end of April. Workshop agenda will follow.

For formal reasons, please consider this e-mail as your in-time invitation to the General Assembly.

In the name of the whole Board with best regards and;

See you in Paris!

1. Media Information incl Videos on kick-off seminar

2. NCP Tenerife Workshop Meeting February 2012

3. NCP IC8 draft agenda 19.03.12final


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