Conference: The Economy of the Future, on 29th Feb 2012

On February 29th, 2012, NCP in cooperation with the Austrian Development Bank aws & erp fonds has run a conference under the headline ’€œThe Economy of the Future’€.

The conference addressed both financiers and knowledge based companies providing intangible goods such as services, software, design etc.

The conference has been held mainly in German with a few contributions in English. Location of event was Vienna, Austria.

Download the leaflet containing the program schedule:

PDF’s for reference & Download:
aaa Titel und Programm: aaa-Titel-und-Programm.pdf

Brandner NCP-Konferenz 29.2.2012: Brandner-NCP-Konferenz-29.2.2012.pdf

Cabrilo AWS Presentation Sladjana Cabrilo: Cabrilo-AWS-Presentation-Sladjana-Cabrilo.pdf

Drewitz IntegrRepPlus_V1: Drewitz-IntegrRepPlus_V1.pdf

Frey DF ֖konomie für die Zukunft_Präsentation 28022012: Frey-DF-֖konomie-für-die-Zukunft_Präsentation-28022012.pdf

Guenther.Thomas PDF NCP 2012-02-29: Guenther.Thomas-PDF-NCP-2012-02-29.pdf

Jasch AWS NCP: Jasch-AWS-NCP.pdf

Koch aws Konferenz Vortrag GK: Koch-aws-Konferenz-Vortrag-GK.pdf

Kromer AWS: Kromer-AWS.pdf

Krueger-Roeth Wissensregieon PDF Wien_2012-02-29: Krueger-Roeth-Wissensregieon-PDF-Wien_2012-02-29.pdf

Maravic EIB`s role in financing of RDI: Maravic-EIBs-role-in-financing-of-RDI.pdf

Maravic ֖konomie für die Zukunft (2): Maravic-֖konomie-für-die-Zukunft-2.pdf

Mertins 120229_Vortrag_NCP: Mertins-120229_Vortrag_NCP.pdf

Mostboeck ֖konomie der Zukunft 2012: Mostboeck-֖konomie-der-Zukunft-2012.pdf

Pressetext PDF: Pressetext-PDF.pdf


Salmelin Vienna2012: Salmelin-Vienna2012.pdf

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