The New Club of Paris has local emerging communities worldwide in different countries, which are represented by so-called ambassadors, who act due to local needs and preferences.


Active representatives of the Club in different countries:

  • Susan Alexander, Luxembourg
  • Marcos Cavalcanti, Brazil (the “Portuguese America”)
  • David O’Donnell, Irland
  • Ulf Petrusson, Sweden
  • Cathy Garner, UK
  • Jose Maria Viedma, Spain
  • Yasuhito Hanado, Japan
  • Giovanni Schiuma, Italy
  • Ante Pulic / Karmen Pulic, Croatia
  • Hank Kune, the Netherlands
  • Stig Ehnbom, New Zealand and, preliminary, for Australia
  • Gunter Koch, Austria, and, preliminary, for neighboring Central European States until Ambassadors for these countries are nominated
  • F. Javier Carrillo, Spanish-speaking America and in specific Mexico
  • Michael Stankowsky, USA
  • Guenther Szogs, Germany
  • Stefan Gueldenberg, Liechtenstein and Switzerland