Authorised Publications and Series

It was decided, that the club shall issue a ‘publication series’, which might be a consistent collection of ‘small books’ each treating a subject in the framework of the Club’s mission and orientation.

The purpose of this series shall be also to form the ‘programmatic basis’ for its intended contributions to the public knowledge base.

One initial contribution to the Club’s ‘library’ is CEC’s RICARDIS Report, which has been generated by members of the Club.


Round Table Report on the Intellectual Capital of Morocco

Austrian Knowledge Report
Ursula Schneider, August 2007, Graz

Five Steps for Finland’s Future
Pirjo Ståhle (ed.)

Round Table Discussion on Knowledge Society with Finland’s Prime Minister & EU Council President Matti Vanhanen (11.2006)

Skill Is An Entity That Contains A Cosmos by Leif Edvinsson, Astrid Szogs, Gunther M. Szogs (2024)