About Us

Our society is undergoing a dramatic transition from the industrial and information age towards a new era of brainpower industries, associated with upheavals in the structure of the global economy and accompanied by far-reaching demographic shifts and the transformation of social systems.

The New Club of Paris is an organization open to everyone who is qualified to make contributions through scientific work, or who has proven his/her competence by personal commitment. It is an association of scientists and ‘intellectual entrepreneurs’ dedicated to support the transformation of our society and economy into a knowledge society and a knowledge economy. We are convinced that a healthy, well-maintained and integrated environment is a precondition for sustainable welfare and quality of life. For this reason The New Club of Paris endorses a healthy, respected and high quality world of intellectual and cultural life.

Read more about our mission and our statutes (PDF).

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In 2010/2011 and 2012/2013
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