NCP Winter Workshop in Luxembourg, Feb 4th – Feb 6th 2013

Dear NCP member,

As suggested by our Luxembourg members during our last winter workshop in Tenerife and as confirmed in the General Assembly in May 2012, the next NCP winter workshop is taking place in Luxembourg from February 4th – February 5th 2013, followed by a half day conference on the the 6th of February 2013 with invited Luxembourg decision makers under the patronage of the Observatory of Competitiveness of the MInistry of the Economy and Foreign Trade on the ‘Futures of Luxembourg’ in the light of Intellectual Capital. And we will, of course, have a get together on Sunday 3rd of February in the evening.

The Luxembourg team in agreement with NCP’€™s Board is working on a more detailed program for the workshop and for the conference. They will also provide hotel suggestions at negociated rates. We will send out these information in the course of October 2012.

So please save these dates in your agenda:
NCP Winter Workshop in Luxembourg, Feb 4th – Feb 6th 2013.

We would also like you to indicate us as soon as possible if you intend to join this event or not by responding to this post.

On behalf of Jean-Jacques Mertens and Sylvain Cottong, the local masters and organisers of this event in Luxembourg
with best regards
Guenter Koch
General Secretary of NCP