Memories of Heidelberg – September 18, 2012

Dear participants in the IC Accounting workshop in Heidelberg, having taken place on Sept. 18th,

Once again a great thanks to the organizers and enablers of the events in Heidelberg ’€“ Johannes Glueckler and his team – as well as especially to those who contributed to the workshop on invitation of Ahmed Bounfour and myself on behalf of The New Club f Paris.

Ahmed and further core members of the NCP will come back on you with some suggestions on how to proceed in the future. My suggestion is that we shall discuss such further steps once the ppt-presentations haven distributed ad can serve as a basis for designing actions on how to get the NCP stronger involved in the IC Accounting movements now popping up in different places.

A few documentary pictures for your ’€œMemories of Heidelberg’€
Heidelberg 1

Heidelberg 2

Heidelberg 3

Heidelberg 7

Heidelberg 4

Heidelberg 5

Heidelberg 8

Heidelberg 6