The UAM-Accenture Chair ( launches the second Edition of the Award for a research paper in Economics and Management of Innovation.

In the last few decades the world has experienced an enormous change from an industrial economy to knowledge-based economy, where generating value and competitive advantage is associated with intangible elements such as knowledge and intellectual capital.

With this in mind, the 2010 Award motto is ’€œKnowledge and Intellectual Capital management in organizations: towards encouraging innovation’€.

Within this broad topic the following issues may be dealt with either together or alternatively.
– Intellectual Capital management models
– Intellectual Capital and knowledge indicators for decision-making processes.
– Management of intangible resources in Public Administration
– Intellectual Capital management within the services sector.
– Knowledge of new business models and the role of Intellectual Capital
– Knowledge management within Universities
– Intellectual Capital Reports within the new economic context
– Management of Intangibles and Capital Markets.

Regardless of the topic chosen, it must be clearly related to innovation.


First: The UAM-Accenture Chair Award 2010 is six thousand Euros (6,000 Euros).

Second: The papers presented must be original and unpublished documents with a minimum length of 7,000 words and a maximum of 12,000. Any appendix or tables will be apart. Papers written in Spanish or English are accepted. Papers must be delivered in pdf format. The first page must contain the paper’€™s title, author or authors’€™ names along with the organization they belong to, a brief biographical note and e-mail contact for each of them.

Third: The papers should be sent to not later than 12 p.m. of October 31, 2010.

Forth: The Chair UAM-Accenture Board will designate the Jury for the 2010 Award in due course. It will be composed of relevant academics and business managers. The President of the Board, representing Accenture, and the Director of the Chair, representing the UAM, will be members of the Jury.

Fifth: The author/s awarded will be free to send their original to any Journal, mentioning the Award and the sponsorship of the Chair. Should this right not be exercised, the Chair may decide on its publication. In this latter case, the author will not receive fees for this first edition of the paper.

Sixth: The Award winner will be announced before December 15th, 2010. The Chair will then organize a prize-giving event.

Seventh: Those who present papers to this UAM-Accenture Chair 2010 Award are implicitly agreeing to the above conditions.

More information:

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