A newsletter regarding the recent updates from the General Secretary of NCP

Dear Members or Affiliates of The New Club of Paris,

This newsletter is intended to get you updated on the recent happenings before we start to leave for holidays.

As informed in the last General Assembly in Paris, the NCP managed to have a common Round Table for Malaysia with a Malaysian Foundation called ’€œPerdana Leadership Foundation’€. This foundation will be an institutional member for the next two years and hopefully beyond.

If you are interested in the sessions held in Kuala Lumpur: The complete video is made available by the Malaysian hosts at- http://flamingpear.com.my/roundtable/index.html

Dr. Mahatir Mohammed, the former and highly appreciated Prime Minister of Malaysia, chaired the whole event. If you are interested in the summary from Dr. Mahatir Mohammed’€™s point of view, have a look at the ’€œClosing Session’€ sequence.

The report on this very special and successful Round Table will be produced over the summer period.

Further on, if you are interested in the current news from the Club, please visit the new web pages www.new-club-of-paris.org. The new web pages are still under construction and we intend to brush them up during autumn.

The report of the recent General Assembly has been sent to the Board of the Club for release. This may take a bit of time since everybody now is very busy before the summer pause, which will begin in some parts of Europe these days.

The very promising ACSI event has started in Helsinki. This fascinating project is aimed at forming a Future Center for the next generation ’€œknowledge scientists’€ and ’€œintellectual entrepreneurs’€. NCP is a partner in this project, and many of the ’€œofficers’€ of the NCP are taking part in it. Results will be communicated to all of us in due course. The NCP considers this to be a model project which has the potential to serve as a template for other countries.

I should also mention that after the General Assembly, preparations have started for further projects listed below:

1. Leif Edvinsson, President of the NCP, will give the key note speech at the European Commission’€™s annual conference ’€œICT 2010’€ being held in Brussels, from September 27 to September 29, 2010. 3500 people are expected to attend the conference and will receive messages from and information on the NCP. The NCP has also been invited by our member Bror Salmelin to participate in a stand at the accompanying fair which shall also serve as a meeting point for NCP members.

2. As proposed by Prof. Pawlowsky, he will start to draft a concept for the ’€œNCP World Tour.’€ The objective of world tour is to run lectures on knowledge society and knowledge economy on a global scale.

3. When you go through the attachment you will find the proposal for holding an exclusive conference on ’€œKnowledge Economy and Intellectual Capital’€ for Development Banks worldwide. This event is intended for 2011 and shall take place in Frankfurt, Vienna or Rio de Janeiro ’€“ depending on the potential in local support. Download the AWS conference proposal (word document format).

4. An informal mid-term meeting for all NCP members of the kind as we had it early this year in Liechtenstein is foreseen in Sophia Antipolis, France (close to Nice) in the coming winter season. Since the Liechtenstein meeting was so successful, I would very much encourage all of you to plan to participate in this next meeting.

5. In Paris, after the General Assembly, mainly in the course of the very successful PhD Seminar at the Université du Sud which was set up, mentored and run by Ahmed Bounfour, an initiative was taken by a group of ’€œnext generation’€ NCP potentials, to form their own grouping. A draft ’€œconstitution’€ was handed to the initial founders group by Anssi Smedlund. If you are a member of a university and if you are interested to get your post graduate students to join in this new NCP ’€œchapter’€, please contact Anssi: anssi.smedlund@tkk.fi . Club Membership for such students will be free. Becoming a member of this branch is, like with the Club, restricted and will be granted only on recommendation.

6. NCP’€™s Round Table as a concept for Agenda Setting has been proven to be a most attractive Kick-Off event for nations, regions and cities. I would like to encourage all members to think about- if such event would also be an attractive catalyst for your country / region / city to get engaged in projects in support of a transition towards the knowledge society?

7. Please notify that the Club is a sponsor and will be represented at the 3rd Knowledge Cities World Summit in Melbourne.
See: http://www.melbourneknowledgesummit.com/Home.aspx

8. Last but by far not the least: As Leif Edvinsson reported at the General Assembly, a partner of PwC decided a branch of PwC to become a special sponsor of the Club, for now for a first period until 2011. The overall financial contribution from PwC for doing research in cooperation with NCP in this period will be > 100 k$. Once this money has arrived on the Club’€™s bank account, the Board will set up a budget plan. The one wish which I want to convey to all members as discussed with PwC ’€“ besides them becoming integrated into the Club’€™s information loop like any other member ’€“ is that if there will be projects of conceptional nature which PwC will initiate on their part and in which one personality from the ’€œstock’€ of our members may contribute very specifically, that they may approach such member for getting this member engaged also short term (on their cost !). The decision in such case to accept is made by the approached member himself / herself; the Club only acts as a friendly mediator.

I hope I have given an insightful update on what’€™s next with the NCP and please use all information for creating your own ideas on what may be done in your sphere of influence in cooperation with the Club.

All the best,
Guenter Koch
General Secretary of the NCP