News update and final Information about the NCP meeting in Luxembourg 3-6/2/2013

Dear NCP members,

First of all, although some weeks have already passed, let me join Leif’€™s and the NCP Board’€™s greetings and good wishes for the year just begun. We are all optimistic, that our common efforts will help to get NCP growing in its agenda and weight in the discussion of and contribution to the future of knowledge society. Starting the year in this spirit, we also foresee an intense workshop soon run in Luxembourg on February 4th and 5th, plus a public conference adding the day after.

Up to now 18 members have announced to join the Luxembourg meeting, which, considered that theses members will invest their time and energy, is a great result, thanks to the endeavors of the Luxembourg team: Jean-Jacques Mertens, Susan Alexander and Sylvain Cottong.

The program as attached is near to complete, some smaller adjustments will be made short term.

Sunday February 3rd, in the evening starting at around 18:00 those attending will enjoy an NCP get together at Susan’€™s place, with a nice sampling of wines and cheese. It is not very far from the center – close to the train station ’€“ as everything in Luxembourg. For several reasons, not the least because of weather conditions, the organizers also managed to hire a bus to bring the attendees from the hotels to Susan Alexander’€™s place, which is at 39 avenue de la Gare, on 5th floor.

On Wednesday morning, the Luxembourg IC association LuxIC, has organized a conference, open to the public, on ’€œthe Future of Luxembourg’€. The conference has been fully booked in less than a week, so it is now ’€œsold out’€ ’€“ which is a great success. Information on the conference you may find on LuxIC’€™s website:

All those who cannot make it to join now will be informed after the Luxembourg event. Please also keep in mind that end of May the annual assembly on occasion of the IC Conference at the World Bank Institute in Paris managed by Ahmed Bonfour will offer a next occasion to come together.

NCP Lux Winter program_v1f (Download PDF)
NCP Dec 31 2012 from LE (Download PDF)
NCP Luxembourg – Turning ideas into structures (Download PDF)

All the best
Guenter Koch
Gen. Secretary of NCP