The Franco-German Round Table on Intangibles’€™ (knowledge assets)

Creation, valuation and dissemination
2012- 2014
The First workshop agenda, Paris, September 26, 2011
MINEFI, Centre de Conférences P. MendÖ¨s France

The French’€“German Round Table on intangibles and knowledge assets is a research andpolicy initiative by two major universities in the two countries (as well in Europe) ’€“ TheUniversity Paris-Sud and Heidelberg University- who decided to join their recent and ongoing research efforts, in order to:
– Come up with conceptual instruments;
– Provide a stimulating platform for research and action for progress among differen
stakeholders in France and Germany;
– Contribute, more generally, to the large dialogue in Europe and more globally, on the
role of intangibles in value creation.

The Round table will bring together researchers, policy makers, Executives and Mediafrom the two countries, who are interested in sharing experiences and coordinating effortstowards understanding the dynamics of intangibles and their impact on sustainability inEuropean societies, and beyond.

The project will deal with strategic business issues as well as with meso and macro/societaissues, taking into account the importance of linking these different perspectives. Societaissues such as sustainability will be integrated into the analysis.

The Round table has been initiated, based on two ideas:
– The importance of linking research to action;
– The existence of high potential for benchlearning between different targeted
communities in the two countries on intangibles investment and value creation.

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