NCP interviews Prof. Leif Edvinsson

The New Club of Paris interviews Professor Leif Edvinsson about the club’s main objectives, current position, its policy agenda and its Key plans. In the end Prof. Leif briefs about his book ‘Corporate Longitude’ and the insights provided in the bok for leaders interested in Intellectual Capital (IC).


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Biography of Professor Leif Edvinsson
Professor Leif Edvinsson, is the world’s leading expert on Intellectual Capital (IC). He has been the Vice President and the world’s first Corporate Director of Intellectual Capital at Skandia of Stockholm, Sweden and has held the world´s first professorship on Intellectual Capital at Lund Universtiy, Sweden since 2000.

In light of his work in both training and IC, Professor Edvinsson has been a special advisor on service trade to the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is also special advisor to the United Nations International Trade Centre.

In January 1998, Professor Edvinsson won the prestigious ‘Brain of the year’ award, in competition with the likes of Bill Gates and Paul McCartney. Professor Edvinsson follows in the footsteps of illustrious former winners such as Gary Kasparov (World Chess Champion), Prof. Stephen Hawking, and the Poet Laureate Ted Hughes. In 2000, he was also listed in the Top 20 list of the most admired Knowledge Leaders in the world.