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News update and final Information about the NCP meeting in Luxembourg 3-6/2/2013

Dear NCP members,

First of all, although some weeks have already passed, let me join Leif’€™s and the NCP Board’€™s greetings and good wishes for the year just begun. We are all optimistic, that our common efforts will help to get NCP growing in its agenda and weight in the discussion of and contribution to the future of knowledge society. Starting the year in this spirit, we also foresee an intense workshop soon run in Luxembourg on February 4th and 5th, plus a public conference adding the day after.

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Memories of Heidelberg – September 18, 2012

Dear participants in the IC Accounting workshop in Heidelberg, having taken place on Sept. 18th,

Once again a great thanks to the organizers and enablers of the events in Heidelberg ’€“ Johannes Glueckler and his team – as well as especially to those who contributed to the workshop on invitation of Ahmed Bounfour and myself on behalf of The New Club f Paris.

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NCP Winter Workshop in Luxembourg, Feb 4th – Feb 6th 2013

Dear NCP member,

As suggested by our Luxembourg members during our last winter workshop in Tenerife and as confirmed in the General Assembly in May 2012, the next NCP winter workshop is taking place in Luxembourg from February 4th – February 5th 2013, followed by a half day conference on the the 6th of February 2013 with invited Luxembourg decision makers under the patronage of the Observatory of Competitiveness of the MInistry of the Economy and Foreign Trade on the ‘Futures of Luxembourg’ in the light of Intellectual Capital. And we will, of course, have a get together on Sunday 3rd of February in the evening.

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